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Adams, Alex

(?   -    ) New Zealand-born author, now in the US, whose first novel White Horse (2012) has a background of global Disaster with Horror in SF overtones. A Pandemic (see also Medicine) which proves to have been engineered by a US Mad Scientist precipitates a general collapse of civilization, accelerated by Chinese sabotage of the Internet and by a war involving Weather Control that brings near-continual rain. The DNA-targeted disease kills most and converts some to varyingly viable Mutants, sparing only an immune few. Adams's tough heroine Zoe journeys through Italy and Greece to a hopeless-seeming rendezvous, hindered by a blind companion and a highly unpleasant Villain. There are Mythological echoes – the initial plague release is via a Pandora's Box jar or urn placed in Zoe's apartment, while one Greek woman becomes a kind of Medusa (see Supernatural Creatures) – and several Grand-Guignol frissons and revelations, some perhaps overly reliant on coincidence. The first-person narration is stylish and effective. Adams intends to continue this, her debut novel, as a trilogy of which the projected second volume is «Red Horse». [DRL]

Alex Adams

born Auckland, New Zealand



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