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Banister, Manly

(1914-1986) fan and author responsible for an early Fanzine of professional quality, The Nekromantikon (1950-1951), which ran to five issues, but who had earlier begun publishing fiction of genre interest with "Satan's Bondage" for Weird Tales in September 1942. Egoboo: A Fantasy Satire (1950 chap) is a short Time-Travel spoof which satirizes sf Fandom (see Recursive SF). Conquest of Earth (January-May 1956 Amazing as "The Scarlet Saint"; heavily cut vt 1957; text restored as The Scarlet Saint 2008 ebook) is a Space Opera in which a resurgent mankind learns how to conquer the occupying Alien Trisz. Magnanthropus (September-October 1961 Fantastic; 2015 dos), is set in the Parallel World of Eloraspon; the sequel was "Seed of Eloraspon" (October-November 1964 Fantastic). [JC/DRL]

Manly Miles Banister

born McCormick, Washington: 9 March 1914

died Portland, Oregon: 8 June 1986



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