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Beyond Tomorrow

US Radio anthology series (1950; vt Beyond This World). CBS for the CBS Radio Network. Producers, directors, and staff writers unknown.

Although newspaper advertisements appeared for this series, it is unclear whether any of the three episodes were in fact aired. "Requiem" (5 April 1950) was adapted from "Requiem" (January 1940 Astounding) by Robert A Heinlein; "Incident at Switchpath" (11 April 1950) was adapted from "The Sky was Full of Ships" (June 1947 Thrilling Wonder; vt "The Cave of History" in Encounters with Aliens, anth 1968, ed George W Earley) by Theodore Sturgeon; the original radioplay "The Outer Limit" (18 April 1950) by Graham Doar (1912-1985) deals with a test pilot's encounter with a UFO and was produced as the initial audition episode. At least two of these survive on transcription discs; the fate of "Requiem" is uncertain. Apparently CBS dropped Beyond Tomorrow because the network already had one successful anthology series that included fantastic material, Suspense (1942-1962). [GSt/DRL]

Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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