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Dann, Joshua

(1956-    ) US author who has written since 2000 under the name J D Austin; under his own name, he published the Timeshare sequence of sf adventures in which a police detective, now in the employ of a firm which offers Time Travel vacations, journeys to various eras and solves problems: after the introductory shenanigans of Timeshare (1997), he travels to 1920s Hollywood (see California) in Timeshare: Second Time Around (1998) looking for a missing director; and in Timeshare: A Time for War (1999) he travels to a London caught in the coils of World War Two. The Bobby series as by J D Austin, beginning with Bobby's Girl (2001), is humorous sf, in which the eponymous heroine's boyfriend turns out to be an Alien. Second Contact (2001) as by J D Austin describes an expedition to a planet whose experience of First Contact with humans had been disastrous. [JC]

Joshua A Dann

born New York: April 1956





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