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Doucette, Gene

(1968-    ) US author whose Immortal Universe sequence, beginning with Immortal (2010), is fantasy, tracing the survival strategies of an Immortal being. Doucette is of sf interest primarily for the Spaceship Next Door sequence, beginning with The Spaceship Next Door (2015), in which – after a Starship has landed in Sorrow Falls in semi-rural New England – actual First Contact seems to have been delayed for three years, but then is suddenly established. The energy-based Aliens have created a murderous crew of Zombies, though this threat is dodged during the second volume of the sequence, The Frequency of Aliens (2017), as Space Opera motifs begin to suggest a wider canvas. The Apocalypse Seven (2021) is a Young Adult tale whose cast awakens one morning to find the rest of humanity vanished, and the world overgrown. [JC]

Eugene Doucette

born 18 May 1968



The Immortal Universe: the Immortal

The Immortal Universe: The Immortal Chronicles

The Immortal Universe: Immortal Stories

The Spaceship Next Door

individual titles


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