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Dye, Charles

(1925-1960) US author who began publishing sf with "The Last Orbit" for Amazing in February 1950. He was active for less than half a decade, soon publishing his only sf novel, Prisoner in the Skull (1952), in which ordinary Homo sapiens and a form of Superman engage in thriller-like confrontations. He was married briefly (1950-1953) to Katherine MacLean, who wrote The Man Who Staked the Stars (July 1952 Planet Stories; 2010) and "Syndrome Johnny" (July 1951 Galaxy) under his name. The latter story contains an amazingly early account of a Genetic Engineering technique (gene splicing), in which a "piggyback" virus transports genetic material (a silicon-using gene) into human cells. [JC/PN]

Charles Dudley Dye

born San Fernando, California: 12 October 1925

died circa 1960



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