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Ehrlich, Max

(1909-1983) US author initially active as an author of Radio plays for various series, including The Shadow (see The Shadow); he also wrote some Television scripts of sf interest, include one in 1965 for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and one in 1967 for Star Trek. His first novel, The Big Eye (1949), which was the first release in Doubleday's sf line, concerns an attempt by astronomers to terrify humanity into world peace by announcing that a visiting planet is due to hit Earth (see Scientific Hoax); the planet misses narrowly. Dead is the Blue (1964) is a borderline-sf nuclear-submarine story; The Edict (1971), a Tie to Ehrlich's own screenplay for the film Z.P.G. (1972), deals with an embargo on births. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1974), filmed in 1975 from his own screenplay, is a quest novel whose protagonist attempts to track down information about his former self, the murder of whom recurs in his dreams; his adventures continue in Reincarnation in Venice (1979; vt The Bond 1980). Shaitan: A Novel About Man Into Beast (1981) pits a Superman against a super-beast in northern India. Ehrlich was a proficient writer who tended to use sf protocols as much to alarm as to illuminate. [JC]

Max Simon Ehrlich

born Springfield, Massachusetts: 10 October 1909

died Los Angeles, California: 11 February 1983



Peter Proud

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