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Ford, Douglas Morey

(1851-1916) UK author whose Future War tale, A Time of Terror: The Story of a Great Revenge (A.D. 1910) (1906; vt A Time of Terror: The Story of a Great Revenge (A.D. 1912) 1908) as Anonymous, pits the anarchist League of London against the British government, the rioters' near victory aborted by the outbreak of war with Germany. In The Raid of Dover: A Romance of the Reign of Woman: A.D. 1940 (1910) as Anonymous, a Britain under disastrous female rule (see Feminism) again suffers Invasion by Germany, armed this time with advanced Weapons; this misfortune is intensified by Disasters, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. [JC]

Douglas Morey Ford

born Portsea, Hampshire: 1851

died Chepstow, Monmouthshire (later Gwent): 12 May 1916



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