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Glemser, Bernard

(1908-1990) UK photographer, art editor and author who worked for the UK government in America after 1945, remaining in the US after his resignation; he also published one novel as by Robert Crane and at least two romances as by Geraldine Napier. Glemser began to publish work of some genre interest with "Astonished Father" in the British journal Argosy for December 1945, though his first outright sf story, as by Crane, was "The Purple Fields" in Star Science Fiction Stories #2 (anth 1953) edited by Frederik Pohl. Two nonfantastic novels under his own name, Love for Each Other (1946) and Gallery of Women (1957), arguably contain roman á clef elements. His only sf novel, Hero's Walk (1954) as by Crane – which was made into a Television play, "The Voices" (1954) – also seems to extrapolate upon his own life: in this case his life in increasingly battered London during World War Two. It is an intelligent and realistically conceived tale in which superior Aliens, initially discovered through a kind of SETI, quarantine a militaristic Earth and eventually bomb it to rubble. There is some hope at the novel's close that humanity will be permitted to survive and mature. [JC]

Bernard Glemser

born London: 20 May 1908

died New York: 3 April 1990



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