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Graham, Jo

(1968-    ) US author, whose early work, beginning with Black Ships (2008), which is based on Virgil's Aeneid (circa 29-19 BC), and is fantasy, as is Lost Things (2012) with Melissa Scott, which seems to be the first volume of a series of fantasies set in a modestly Steampunk 1920s, where gods and goddesses are discovered beneath Lake Nemi. Of sf interest is a series of Ties to the Stargate: Atlantis Television series of Military SF adventures governed by the eponymous Stargates, beginning with Death Game (2010). [JC]

Jo Graham

born North Carolina: 3 April 1968



Stargate: Atlantis

Numinous World

Order of the Air

individual titles

Cythera (Matthews, North Carolina: Supposed Crimes LLC, 2013) [pb/]


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