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Kellogg, Marjorie Bradley

(1946-    ) US designer of theatre scenery and author who published her first three novels as by M Bradley Kellogg to avoid confusion with another Marjorie Kellogg, but from 1991 has used her full name. Her first novel, A Rumor of Angels (1983), is unexceptional, but the Lear's Daughters sequence – The Wave and the Flame (1986) and Reign of Fire (1986), both written with NASA climatologist William B Rossow and assembled as Lear's Daughters (omni 1987) – somewhat more interestingly devotes much attention to the Ecology and violent climatic extremes of a potential colony planet, though the conflict between the advocates of exploitation and those of alliance with the pacific cave-dwelling weather-predicting natives lacks originality; and the tale fails to resolve some confusions between apparent Mythology and actual science (see Weather Control) as principles of explanation. Her second sequence, the Dragon Quartet [for titles see Checklist] is fantasy.

Kellogg's second singleton, Harmony (1991), is a large and ambitious tale set on an Earth dominated by centuries of Pollution, with almost all humans now living in large, strictly controlled domes (see Keeps). But some artists – here Kellogg again shows an untoward softness of mind – have somehow managed to live in the open, and the book moves slowly towards a Utopian resolution of the conflict between ensuring safety and embracing the world. [JC]

Marjorie Bradley Kellogg

born Cambridge, Massachusetts: 30 August 1946



Lear's Daughters

Dragon Quartet

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