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Kristoff, Jay

(1973-    ) Australian advertising executive and author whose series, variously sf and fantasy, some with Amie Kaufman, are all designed for the Young Adult market, though he has indicated that some befit the "older young adult" market; he has written no solo books. For The Illuminae Files sequence with Amie Kaufman see her entry. Kristoff's first solo series, The Lotus War sequence beginning with Stormdancer (2012), is set in a Steampunk version of Tokugawa Japan (1600-1858). The Nevernight sequence beginning with Nevernight (2016) is fantasy, much of whose plot revolves around vividly described games to the death (see Games and Sports).

Of sf interest, the Lifelike sequence beginning with Lifel1k3 (2018), is set in a Dystopian Ruined Earth venue; its protagonists, who seem to be "lifelikes" (ie Androids) rather than born creatures, must deal with deranged Robots, Hive Minds and other menaces in their quest for the secret of their past and that of the planet. [JC]

Jay Kristoff

born Perth, Western Australia: 11 November 1973



The Lotus War

The Illuminae Files



Aurora Cycle

Empire of the Vampire


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