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LaHaye, Tim

(1926-2016) US evangelical minister, "prophecy scholar" and author with Jerry B Jenkins of the thirteen-book Left Behind sequence which depicts the Holocaust that ravages the world in terms of fundamentalist beliefs in the Rapture which precedes/accompanies the Second Coming of Christ. The series is not normally (or properly) read as sf, as the Godgame implications of the story arc take it far beyond what one might call Equipoisal fair play; but its depiction of various forms of destruction and despair apes well-established sf tropes relating to the End of the World; and the action is necessarily set in the Near Future. The sequence begins with Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days (1995) and concludes with Kingdom Come: The Final Victory (2007). It is understood that Jenkins performed the actual task of writing the novels, from copious notes. LaHaye's nonfiction includes attacks on homosexuality and various conspiratorial groups that he felt were attempting to suborn American values. [JC]

Timothy F LaHaye

born Detroit, Michigan: 27 April 1926

died San Diego, California: 25 July 2016

works (selected)


Left Behind

Babylon Rising


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