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Landon, Kristin

(1958-2019) US editor and author of the Cold Minds sequence of Space Operas comprising The Hidden Worlds (2007), The Cold Minds (2008) and The Dark Reaches (2009), in which, after the near-destruction of Earth by Cybernetic intelligences, the waif remnants of humanity – piloted to and fro by "jump pilots" – survive on other planets hidden from sight; they prepare to fight back on the battleground of the Ruined Earth; the sequence was projected to continue but did not. Windhome (2017) is a standalone tale of First Contact with Aliens; cultural and other clashes ensue.

Kristin Landon should not be confused with Kristen Landon, author of The Limit (2010). [JC]

Kristin Paulson Landon

born Pacific Northwest, USA: 28 October 1958

died Eugene, Oregon: 5 March 2019



Cold Minds

individual titles


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