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Lang, Simon

Pseudonym of US screenwriter and author Darlene Hartman (1934-    ), her work under this name consisting of the Skipjack sequence of Space Operas, beginning with All the Gods of Eisernon (1973) and The Elluvon Gift (1975), these two tales constituting a casual series, both featuring the Terran starship Skipjack and both set in the same loose-slung set of Galactic Empires and democracies. The first novel is the more ambitious, presenting in the planet Eisernon an idyllic picture of an Alien race ecologically integrated with Nature. Lang's later volumes in the series, now known more formally as Voyages of the Skipjack, include The Trumpets of Tagan (1992), Timeslide (1993) and Hopeship (1994). Aliens, friendly and otherwise, are frequently met during these voyages; and in general the Skipjack books do sometimes suffer from some resemblance to Star Trek, for which Lang had written. [JC]

Darlene Artell Hartman

born Melville, Louisiana: 23 December 1934




Skipjack: Voyages of the Skipjack


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