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Langmead, Oliver

(?   -    ) Scottish author whose work exploits the metaphorical intensities available through a ready access to the SF Megatext, though his works inhabit the water margins of sf as such (see Fantastika). Dark Star (2015), his first book, is a long narrative poem set on an isolated planet, with a Sun that emits no light, befitting the noir language of the telling, and the decidedly non-verismo 1920s urban "hell" – or Pocket Universe – down whose mean streets the detective protagonist must travel. Metronome (2017) takes place in a world where dreams are monitored – and supposedly protected – by a cadre of Sleepwalkers (see Dream Hacking), one of whom goes rogue. The Immortal featured in Birds of Paradise (2021) traverses the twenty-first century, where he rather neglects the creatures he has named, and fails to understand the absence of Eve (see Adam and Eve) in this world. The eponymous idle rich featured in Glitterati (short version in 2084, anth 2017 ed George Sandison; 2022) handle unpleasant events in their lives through Memory Edits; the artefact of Utopia they inhabit is, as usual, built on the suffering of the unprivileged. [JC]

Oliver K Langmead

born Edinburgh, Scotland



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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