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Long, Jeff

(1951-    ) US author, initially of mountaineering novels, who made his genre debut with The Descent (1999). While including some mountaineering, this Horror thriller posits that the myth of Hell derives from a worldwide realm of Underground caverns inhabited by a Lost Race of "hadals". The hostile environment has caused many of these human-related cannibals to develop hornlike growths; they also have a diabolic fondness for Torture. Though the science is nonsensical throughout, there is considerable narrative drive and some effective Paranoia. The sequel, with much more violence and torture commanded by an Immortal Satan figure (see Gods and Demons), is Deeper (2007). Year Zero (2002) is a Near Future Disaster thriller in which an ancient plague mutates into a Pandemic which devastates Earth and a Clone project produces an apparent Reincarnation of Jesus Christ. [DRL]

Jeffrey B Long

born Bay City, Texas: 24 November 1951

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