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McEnroe, Richard S

(1956-    ) US author and literary agent who began writing sf with "Wolkenheim Fairday" in Asimov's for May 1980. His first two novels were Ties to the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century universe, the first being Buck Rogers Universe: Niven and Pournelle's Buck Rogers: Warrior's World (1981); both were based on outlines by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and were not received with enthusiasm. The Far Stars and Future Times sequence – The Shattered Stars (1983), Flight of Honor (1984) and Skinner (1985) – provides some more competently told sf adventures. McEnroe has also edited an anthology of original stories, Proteus: Voices for the 80's (anth 1981), apparently Soft SF stories previously accumulated for the Hard SF anthology series Destinies (see also Jim Baen). [JC]

Richard Sean McEnroe

born 1956



Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Far Stars and Future Times

works as editor


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