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Motta, Luigi

(1881-1955) Italian author, prolific for many years, beginning with several tales in collaboration with the already famous Emilio Salgari (1862-1911). Much of Motta's sf output is not identified here, though La Principessa delle rose (1911; trans William Collinge as The Princess of the Roses 1919) gained some English-language readers for its Prediction of World War One, which he describes in grim terms. The Near Future Il tunnel sottomarino ["The Tunnel Under the Sea"] (1912) is typically exuberant. It features the construction of a transatlantic tunnel from New York to France against terrific odds (see Under the Sea), only for a saboteur to destroy it on its opening day, 11 May 1927. The survivors of this Disaster, in underwater gear, trek back to dry land, encountering a suburb of Atlantis en route. [JC]

Luigi Motta

born Bussolengo, Italy: 11 July 1881

died Milan, Italy: 18 December 1955

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