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Oh, Temi

(1993-    ) UK neuroscientist and author whose first novel, the Young Adult Do You Dream of Terra-Two? (2019), set in an Alternate History version of the world mainly distinguished from the real world through its suffering even more savage Climate Change and through the fact that the crisis has been taken seriously enough to offer some chance that Homo sapiens will survive. The central focus is on the preparations for, launch of, and inevitable internal complications attending a decades'-long, non-Faster Than Light expedition in the vast Starship Damocles, whose goal is the colonization of the uninhabited Terra-Two (see Colonization of Other Worlds). The ship is commanded by adult astronauts, but the focus is on the teenage graduates of a "space academy", whose lives become exceedingly complicated within the Keep-like confines of the great ship. At least one Disaster punctuates the long journey. [JC]

Temi Oh

born London: 1993



Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
Accessed 17:35 pm on 23 May 2022.