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Park, Severna

Pseudonym of US author Suzanne Feldman (1958-    ), whose sf conveys without resorting to formal arguments a sustained Feminist apprehension of the world, within the frame of complex Space Opera and Planetary Romances narratives, though some clarity is sacrificed in the oblique conveying of Gender issues through ornate, indeed operatic manipulations of body and psychological Identity. The Speaking Dreams sequence, comprising Speaking Dreams (1992) and Hand of Prophecy (1998), is set on a border planet occupied by one of two civilizations at war, the winner expecting to create a Galactic Empire; the action focuses on protagonists Genetically Engineered to serve their respective overlord cultures; that they are, in truth, slaves carries, without any dis-ease, a potent message. The Annunciate (1999) similarly focuses on a complex planetary system known as ThreeSys, where once again Genetic Engineering, and manipulations via Nanotechnology, govern the plot, which involves ruthless protagonists, enjoyably enthusiastic Sex, anda vast ravenous Alien they do not know how to cope with. Of Park's short fiction, "The Cure for Everything" (June 2000 Sci Fiction) won a Nebula award. [JC]

Suzanne Feldman

born 1958



Speaking Dreams

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