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Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers

US tv series (1953-1954). Columbia Broadcasting System for CBS-TV. Executive Producer: William Dozier. Produced by John Haggott. Directed by George Gould. Writers included Nelson S Bond, Don Moore. Cast includes Arthur Batanides, John Boruff, Bruce Hall, Cliff Robertson and Jack Weston. 58 30-minute episodes. Black and white.

In the mid-twenty-second century, Rod Brown (Hall) and his fellow Rocket Rangers operate from the base Omega, protecting the universe from hostile Aliens, evil-doers, and occasional natural threats. Their Spaceship is the Beta, an atomic-powered craft. Brown's companions are Captain Frank Boyd (Hall) and the overweight "Wormsey" Wormser (Weston); their superior is Commander Swift (Boruff), who disappeared later in the series' only season.

Obviously inspired by Tom Corbett: Space Cadet (1950-1955), Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers featured the same director and many of the same writers. At least one lawsuit was reportedly brought due to similarities between the series, which may be why Rod Brown was never rebroadcast. Compared to other Space Opera Television of the period, little Tie merchandise was produced. A Rocket Rangers membership card and charter-form are known to exist; there were also shirts for young boys featuring the images of Rod and his rocket ship. [GSt]


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