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Smith, Martin Cruz

(1942-    ) US author who became famous with the political thriller/detective novel Gorky Park (1981) under his full name (it is understood that Cruz is a family surname, though he may not have legally adopted it). His first book, The Indians Won (1970), originally published as by Martin Smith, is genuine sf, positing an Alternate History in which Native Americans – after Sitting Bull (circa 1834-1893) defeated General Custer (1839-1876) – have managed to consolidate themselves into an independent state, and in the twentieth century hold the balance of power. The Gypsy sequence – comprising Gypsy in Amber (1971) and Canto for a Gypsy (1972), both originally published as Martin Smith – features a detective with ESP powers. The Analog Bullet (1972) utilizes the paranormal in similar circumstances. Under the House Name Nick Carter Smith wrote three borderline-sf thrillers, The Inca Death Squad (1972), Code Name: Werewolf (1973) and The Devil's Dozen (1973). As Simon Quinn he published the non-sf Inquisitor series of novels about a Catholic organization opposed to Satanists. In Nightwing (1977), it is discovered that a swarm of vampire bats is burdened with fleas which serve as vectors for a deadly plague; it was filmed as Nightwing (1979). [JC]

Martin William Cruz Smith

born Reading, Pennsylvania: 3 November 1942

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