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Ure, Jean

(1943-    ) UK author of a wide range of fiction for Young Adult readers, her active career beginning with the nonfantastic Dance for Two (1960) and continuing for well over half a century. Relatively little of her work is of sf interest, the main exception being the dark Plague 99 sequence comprising Plague 99 (1989; vt Plague 1991), Come Lucky April (1992; vt After the Plague 1995) and The Watchers at the Shrine (1994). In the first volume is set in a Near Future London devastated by the eponymous Pandemic, a Disaster which may have been caused by the long-drawn-out Cold War. Descendants of the tale's three protagonists people still-affected Britain a century hence; it is a land afflicted by splinter groups and cults, the second volume being set mainly in a Feminist commune, and the third in a masculinist enclave devoted to the worship of a nuclear power plant (see Nuclear Energy). The Wizard Trilogy beginning with The Wizard in the Woods (1990) is fantasy; several of Ure's singletons [see Checklist below for small selection] contain supernatural elements, some being full-fledged ghost stories. [JC]

Jean Neville Ure

born London: 1 January 1943



Plague 99

The Wizard Trilogy

individual titles (highly selected)


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