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Vaughan, Brian K

(1976-    ) US Television screenwriter and author of Comics and Graphic Novels, much of whose early work was for Marvel Comics, beginning with an episode in Tales from the Age of Apocalypse (December 1996), and including work for various Marvel Superhero comics including Captain America, Spider-Man and X-Men, as well as work for DC Comics including Batman, The Swamp Thing and Green Lantern. His television work includes episodes in some later seasons of Lost (2004-2010) and the creation of the series Under the Dome (2013-2015), rather loosely based on Stephen King's Under the Dome (2009).

Much of Vaughan's creator-owned work – a term used primarily to describe ownership in the complex twenty-first century contractual world – is of direct sf interest, beginning with Y: The Last Man (60 instalments 2002-2008 Y: The Last Man) [for book publication details see Checklist below], a tale which traces the implications of the survival of its protagonist, who is the only mammal with an Y chromosome left alive on the planet (see Last Man) after a worldwide Pandemic (see also Disaster). Various factions vie to preserve, corrupt or kill him, until – after he has been successfully Cloned – the world as a whole begins to recover. A second sf series, Saga (2012-current) [for book publication details see Checklist below], is a sophisticatedly Equipoisal Space Opera with fantasy and Science Fantasy interventions. The first volume of its book publication form, Saga – Volume One (graph 2012) with Fiona Staples, won a 2013 Hugo for its co-creators. The Exogamous lovers who carry the action, and whose child Hazel eventually becomes the series' unseen narrator, come from mutually incompatible civilizations, the high-tech Landfall Coalition and Wreath, where Magic works. Their adventures and escapes across the galaxy, though episodic, cumulatively transform Saga into an indefinitely extended Fantastic Voyage.

Vaughan's only one-volume sf Graphic Novel to date, We Stand On Guard (July-December 2015 We Stand On Guard; graph 2016), begins some time after a successful Near Future American Invasion of Canada in order to secure the continued export of water and fuel and other resources necessary to maintain America's climate-change-denial culture (see Climate Change). The Canadian guerrillas who attempt to sabotage the occupation force are seen as heroic, and a victory against the American war machines, fatal to most of the cast, is not seen as necessarily pyrrhic. [JC]

Brian Keller Vaughan

born Cleveland, Ohio: 17 July 1976

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Y: The Last Man

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