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Wallace, F L

(1915-2004) US mechanical engineer and author who began publishing sf with "Hideaway" for Astounding in 1951, but was more strongly associated with Galaxy in the 1950s, the period of his greatest activity, where he quickly established a reputation for style, wit and emotional depth. Worlds in Balance (coll 1955) assembles two typical stories, but he never put together a full collection of his work, and left the field around 1960. In Address: Centauri (April 1952 Galaxy as "Accidental Flight"; exp 1955), a population of "cripples" – in fact victims of accidents, Mutants, Cyborgs, and others with Psi Powers – transform the Asteroid hospital where they have been immured into a Starship powered by engines which manipulate Gravity; they set off for the stars, where they find redemption in being of use to the human race. But Wallace was less fluent at novel length, and by the twenty-first century had been forgotten, though the ebook release of several stories has begun to bring him once again to notice. [JC]

Floyd Lee Wallace

born Rock Island, Illinois: 16 February 1915

died Tustin, California: 26 November 2004



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