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Wein, Len

(1948-2017) US Comics writer and editor, initially freelancing for DC Comics from 1968 and Marvel Comics from 1970. For DC he co-created Swamp Thing with artist Bernie Wrightson in 1971; after becoming editor-in-chief at Marvel in 1974 he revived that imprint's The X-Men with artist Dave Cockrum in 1975. Later, employed as a DC writer and editor from 1979, he worked on various notable DC titles including Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen. Wein has won several comics Awards including the Will Eisner Award. His novel work comprises the Ties Mayhem in Manhattan (1978) (see New York) with Marv Wolfman, an Amazing Spider-Man story; Stalker from the Stars (1978) with Ron Goulart writing as Joseph Silva and Marv Wolfman, an Incredible Hulk story; and Swamp Thing (1982) with David Houston, novelizing the film Swamp Thing (1982). [DRL]

see also: Eastercon.

Len Wein

born New York: 12 June 1948

died Los Angeles, California: 10 September 2017



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