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Williamson, Michael Z

(1967-    ) UK-born soldier (now retired) and author, in Canada then USA from early adulthood, whose first novel, Freehold (2004), initiated the Grainne War sequence which was eventually joined by the Ripple Creek sequence beginning with Better To Beg Forgiveness ... (2007), both series and some shorter works eventually slotted into the Freehold Universe over-series. Williamson adhered subsequently in much of his work to the basic pattern adumbrated by Freehold itself: free men and frequently women (see Women in SF) who adhere to Libertarian principles as they fight (see Military SF) to maintain their freedom in a world, like Grainne, under threat from external enemies. The Target: Terror sequence beginning with The Scope of Justice (2004), which is set on Earth, is essentially nonfantastic but similar. [JC]

Michael Z Williamson

born Birkenhead, Merseyside: 1967



Freehold Universe

Freehold Universe: Grainne War

Freehold Universe: Ripple Creek

Target: Terror

Temporal Displacement

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