Bateman, Robert

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(1922-1973) UK author, primarily involved in radio and television work. It is tentatively presumed that the three books here described are by this Robert Bateman (there are several). His version of The Hands of Orlac (1961) novelizes the 1960 film, which is based with some remoteness on the original novel, Les mains d'Orlac (15 May-12 July 1920 L'Intransigeant; 1921; trans as The Hands of Orlac 1929; new trans 1981) by Maurice Renard. His sf novel, When the Whites Went (1963), is set in an England where only Blacks survive a disease to which all others fall victim. A Book of Boys' Stories (coll 1964; cut 1979) with Nicholas Marrat (see E C Eliott) contains several sf tales. [JC]

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Robert Moyes Carruthers Bateman

born Manchester, England: 21 June 1922

died Ifield, Sussex: 12 April 1973



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