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(1871-1929) UK journalist and author whose first works of sf interest is a Gulliver parody, Gulliver Joe (1903) with Cecil Eldred Hughes (1875-1941), writing together as Jonathan Quick, in which various politicians – including "Gulliver" Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) – are cast into the world of Gulliver's Travels (1726; rev 1735), and Rudyard Kipling is mocked. Of fantasy interest were the Andrew Latter dream-detective stories assembled as The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter (stories June-November 1904 London Magazine; coll 2002 chap Canada). His later work is infused with propaganda, Politics and Religion, as demonstrated in titles like The Day that Changed the World (1912) as by "The Man Who Was Warned", a religious fantasy in which humankind's spiritual development is sharply uplifted by divine intervention. Begbie also wrote On the Side of the Angels: A Reply to Arthur Machen (1915), a response to Machen's The Bowmen (coll 1915; rev with two additional stories, 1915) which argues – credulously and insultingly – that when Machen claimed to have made up the title story as a piece of fiction, he was lying about telepathic messages he had received from a dying soldier. Among Begbie's political satires are Clara in Blunderland (coll 1902) and Lost in Blunderland: The Further Adventures of Clara (coll 1903), both written with M H Temple and J Stafford Ransome (1860-1931) under the collaborative pseudonym Caroline Lewis. [JE]

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Edward Harold Begbie

born Farnham St Martin, Suffolk: 24 June 1871

died London: 8 October 1929




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