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Pseudonym of UK military historian, author and editor Richard Alexander Hough (1922-1999) for his stories and nonfiction books for Young Adult readers, beginning with an sf title, The Perilous Descent into a Strange Lost World (1952; vt Into a Strange Lost World 1953), whose two young pilot heroes parachute from their crippled planes into the ocean, sinking into an orthodox Hollow Earth on Symmesian (see John Cleves Symmes) lines, where they discover a rich Lost World. Other sf novels for older children have included The Deadly Freeze (1976) (see Climate Change) and Buzzbugs (1977). Nightworld (1987) is an Animal Fantasy [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. [JC]

Richard Alexander Hough

born Brighton, Sussex: 15 May 1922

died London: 7 October 1999



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