Hale, John

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(1926-    ) UK film director, screenwriter, playwright and author – not to be confused with the historian John Hale, author of Great-Uncle Toby (1951), a Young Adult fantasy – who is of sf interest for The Paradise Man: A Black and White Farce (1969), a Near Future tale in which world-wide Future War is conducted between dominating black nations and the rest, but according to agreements to maintain the conflict at the level necessary to keep the international economy in good health. His short play, Decibels (performed 1969; in Prompt Three: Five Short Plays [anth 1976]), describes a Near Future Dystopia whose Overpopulation is so excessive that noise is constant, and children can only be born when someone dies; euthanasia is extolled. [JC]

John Barry Hale

born Woolwich [ie London]: 5 February 1926




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