Jorgensen, Ivar

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Floating Pseudonym – also spelled or misspelled Ivar Jorgenson – first used in the Ziff-Davis magazines Amazing Stories and Fantastic, subsequently used in If, Imagination and Imaginative Tales. Its main user was Paul W Fairman (whom see for details), who employed it for three books: Ten from Infinity (1963; vt The Deadly Sky 1971; vt Ten Deadly Men 1976), Rest in Agony (1963; vt The Diabolist 1972) and Whom the Gods Would Slay (June 1951 Fantastic Adventures; 1968). One of Fairman's stories as by Jorgensen, "Deadly City" (March 1953 If), was filmed as Target Earth! (1954). Other writers who confirmed as having used the name Jorgensen (and/or Jorgenson) include Howard Browne, Harlan Ellison, Randall Garrett, Robert Silverberg and Henry Slesar. John Jakes and Stephen Marlowe also believed some of their short stories appeared under this pseudonym, but could not remember which. [BS/MA]

"Ivar Jorgensen"


All book-length titles are by Paul W Fairman.


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