Lalumière, Claude

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(1966-    ) Canadian editor and author, who writes in English, beginning with "Bestial Acts" for Interzone in April 2002, and much of whose best work has been assembled in Objects of Worship (coll 2009); the most evocative of his stories evoke – often simultaneously, with the ruthless opportunism fortunately prevalent among younger writers of the twenty-first century – sf, fantasy and horror modes in powerfully Equipoisal running portraits of the contemporary and/or Near Future world, the distinction between the two being, properly, hard to identify in the more explicitly performative modern fiction of the fantastic. He has edited several Anthologies, those of particular interest including Witpunk: Stories with Attitude (anth 2003) with Marty Halpern, Open Space: New Canadian Fantastic Fiction (anth 2003), Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic (anth 2003) and two instalments in the long-running Tesseracts sequence of original Canadian work, Tesseracts Twelve (anth 2008) and Tesseracts Nineteen (anth 2016). [JC]

Claude Lalumière

born Montreal, Québec: 19 February 1966




works as editor (selected)


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