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Canadian Anthology series (1985-current) showcasing both original and reprinted fiction and Poetry by authors from Canada. The first volume was Tesseracts (anth 1985) edited by Judith Merril; this and the next three appeared from Press Porcépic under the dedicated imprint Porcépic Books/Tesseract, becoming Beach Holme/Tesseract for #4 only. #5-#8 were published by Candas Jane Dorsey's The Books Collective/Tesseract Books, and those from #9 onwards have appeared from Hades Publications/Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. The volume numbers in #2 to #8 are superscripted, as is the Q in TesseractsQ (anth 1996) edited by Jane Brierley and Élisabeth Vonarburg, a special selection of French-Canadian sf in translation. See Checklist below for all editors. [DRL]

see also: Small Presses and Limited Editions.



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