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Original-Anthology series (1971-1981) edited by Robert Silverberg. New Dimensions I (anth 1971) appeared when original anthology series were proliferating in the USA, with such titles as Infinity, QUARK/ and Universe. It was one of the longest surviving titles from this period, although it changed publishers several times in order to keep going: #1-#3 from Doubleday, #4 from Signet, #5-#10 from Harper and Row, #11-#12 from Pocket Books. The sequence runs: New Dimensions I (anth 1971), #2 (anth 1972), #3 (anth 1973), #4 (anth 1974), #5 (anth 1975), #6 (anth 1976), #7 (anth 1977), #8 (anth 1978), #9 (anth 1979), #10 (anth 1980), #11 (anth 1980) with Marta Randall and #12 (anth 1981) with Randall. A derivative anthology was The Best of New Dimensions (anth 1979).

New Dimensions was one of the more experimental anthology series, and introduced a number of new writers. Its regular contributors included Gardner Dozois, George Alec Effinger, Felix Gotschalk and James Tiptree Jr. #2 contained "Eurema's Dam" by R A Lafferty, which shared a Hugo as Best Short Story; #3 contained two Hugo-winning stories: "The Girl who was Plugged In" by Tiptree and "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K Le Guin; #11 had "Unicorn Tapestry" by Suzy McKee Charnas, which won a Nebula as Best Novella. Many other stories were award nominees; yet although it was one of the best original anthology series its sales were never high. [MJE/PN]

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