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(1920-2006) UK author, almost exclusively of fantasy tales for children, though her most famous novel, Tom's Midnight Garden (1958) as A Philippa Pearce, for which she won the Carnegie Medal, does make use of the time theories of J W Dunne to explain the Timeslip that allows young Tom to communicate with a young girl from Victorian times who, as an elderly woman, creates through her dreams a real garden out of the demolished past, where the two may meet as children (see Children's SF). The rest of her large oeuvre is fantasy, much of it distinguished. Her last novel, The Little Gentleman (2005), replicates some of the intense emotion conveyed in the earlier book through the conversations between a young girl and a mole, the latter gifted with a centuries'-long lifespan. But time passes; and the girl is grown; and the mole dead. [JC]

Ann Philippa Pearce

born Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire: 23 January 1920

died Newcastle-upon-Tyne: 21 December 2006

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