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Letter-size saddle-stapled Cinema Magazine printed on newsprint-quality paper with some slick pages included. Editors: Irv Karchmer, then Bill Hulsizer. Publisher: Tandem Publications. Four issues from December 1977 to October 1978. Publication was roughly quarterly.

One of a number of sf film publications which appeared on US newsstands in the late 1970s when science fiction again became highly profitable at the box office, Science Fantasy Film Classics was of better quality than most. Besides the expected coverage of Star Wars (1977) and such Television series as Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979), older material was also discussed: at least two vintage films were covered each issue, including When Worlds Collide (1951) and Forbidden Planet (1956). Blueprints of various film or television Spaceships were sometimes included. Each issue featured a large fold-out poster, often missing from surviving copies. Despite its quality, the magazine was short-lived. The most noted contributor was D C Fontana. A companion title was Incredible Science Fiction. Karchmer enjoyed longer-lasting success with Fantastic Films. [GSt]

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