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(?   -    ) UK publicity and events manager for a large bookshop, and author; she began to publish work of genre interest with "Recruit" in Vivisepulture: Weird Tales of Twisted Imagination (anth 2011 ebook) edited by Andy Remic and Wayne Simmons. She is of sf interest for the Ecko sequence beginning with Ecko Rising (2013), whose protagonist, a Genetically Engineered quasi-Superman whose rebellious exploits in a Near Future Dystopian London, which is described in Cyberpunk terms, lead him suddenly and with Equipoisal effect into another Dimension, where the topoi of medieval fantasy dominate (see Clichés). Complications ensue as it becomes clear that the protagonist is being gamed into a role fatal to him but possibly healthy for the world. Luckily, he has the second world to be reborn in. Children of Artifice (2018), a singleton, is fantasy. [JC]

Danie Ware

born East Grinstead, West Sussex.





  • Ecko Rising (London: Titan Books, 2013) [Ecko: pb/Martin Smith at Amazing15]
  • Ecko Burning (London: Titan Books, 2014) [Ecko: pb/Martin Smith at Amazing15]
  • Ecko Endgame (London: Titan Books, 2015) [Ecko: pb/Martin Smith at Amazing15]

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