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SFE Cookie Policy

Site information page updated 28 August 2021.

The SF Encyclopedia website makes use of a few simple browser cookies to enhance performance in small ways. In particular, the "Recently Visited Entries" list that shows at upper right on most pages takes its content from a cookie to which the latest such entries are saved, enabling easy return to a recently viewed entry. In the SFE Picture Gallery, a similarly harmless cookie is used to record your preference if you have chosen to increase or reduce the default size for displayed cover images. The Affiliate Choice page (Shopping button) also saves your preferences, but only if you click one or both of the checkboxes which authorize this. These are the only persistent (saved between browser sessions) cookies used by the site.

If you still prefer not to click the "Accept Cookies" button, the above cookies will not be saved when your browser closes but will be treated solely as "session cookies" always deleted at the end of a browser session. Other session cookies provide temporary storage for your most recent search word or phrase (as a reminder of what you searched for) and help with random options in the Picture Gallery "Lucky Dip", where recently displayed images are noted simply to prevent the same book cover from reappearing (as true randomness allows) very soon after first being displayed.

If you do not "Accept Cookies", the annoying cookies pop-up required by EU/UK law will reappear each time you visit the SF Encyclopedia after closing your web browser. Closing the pop-up by clicking the X at top right of the panel will hide it until your next visit.

The SF Encyclopedia site uses no tracking or advertising-related cookies, and does not track or otherwise make use of any more personal information such as your IP address or your pattern of browsing the site.

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