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Land of the Lost

Entry updated 10 November 2023. Tagged: TV.

US tv series (1974-1977). Sid and Marty Krofft Television Productions for NBC-TV. Created by Allan Foshko, Sid and Marty Krofft and (uncredited) David Gerrold. Produced by the Kroffts, Jon Kubichan, Dennis Steinmetz. Special effects by Gene Warren, Sr. Dinosaur animation by Gene Warren Jr, Harry Walton, Peter Kleinow. Directors included Bob Lally, Steinmetz, Gordon Wiles. Writers included Margaret Armen, Ben Bova, D C Fontana, Foshko, Peter Germano, Gerrold, Donald F Glut, Larry Niven, Samuel Roeca, Theodore Sturgeon. Cast includes Kathy Coleman, Walker Edmiston, Wesley Eure, Ron Harper (third season only), Spencer Milligan (first two seasons only) and Philip Paley. 43 30-minute episodes. Colour.

The Marshall family (Milligan, Eure, Coleman) fall through a Timeslip portal while on a rafting expedition through the Grand Canyon National Park, and find themselves in a Lost World full of Dinosaurs, reptile-like humanoids called the Sleestak, and the Pa-Kuni, a tribe of ape-men (see Apes as Human). The series deals with their struggle to survive this world's various dangers, as well as their efforts to return home. It was never made entirely clear where the Land was, although this world – possibly a Pocket Universe – has three moons. Cha-Ka (Paley), the most intelligent Pa-Kuni, is a friend to the humans; Enik (Edmiston) is an advanced Sleestak scientist from the Land's past before the Altrusian Empire collapsed, now trapped there himself. Rick Marshall (Milligan) falls through a time doorway at the start of the third season, having left the series over a profit-sharing dispute. He was replaced by Uncle Jack Marshall (Harper); other changes included new dinosaurs and a move to an ancient temple after the destruction of the Marshalls' cave-home by a massive earthquake. The series was quite popular and influential, leading to a short-lived revival series (1991-1992) starring Timothy Bottoms as the father of the Potter family. A feature film version (2009) starring Will Ferrell also appeared with many revisions to the original concept; it was a major box-office failure. [GSt]


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