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Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras, El

Entry updated 15 August 2022. Tagged: Film.

["Planet of the Female Invaders"] Mexican film (1966; vt Planet of the Female Invaders). Estudios América/Producciones Corsa. Directed by Alfredo B Crevenna. Written by Emilio Gómez Muriel and Alfredo Ruanova. Cast includes Elizabeth Campbell, Ethel Carrillo, Graciela Doring, José Ángel "Ferrusquilla" Espinosa, José Gálvez, Rogelio Guerra, Maura Monti, Guillermo Murray, Raúl Ramirez, Adriana Roel and Lorena Velázquez. 86 minutes. Black and white.

In this sequel to Gigantes Planetarios (1965; vt Gigantes Interplanetarios; vt Planetary Giants), beautiful Alien women come to Earth in a flying saucer (see UFOs) and, disguising their spacecraft as an amusement park ride, lure several humans inside and take them to their homeworld. Tired of living underground because of the blinding light on their planet's surface, the aliens wish to relocate to Earth, but they need human lungs to adapt to our world's atmosphere. The captured passengers include the assistant of Scientist Daniel Wolf (Murray), Silvia (Roel), boxer Marcus Godoy (Guerra), and some criminals pursuing him because he failed to lose a rigged boxing match. On the alien world, the humans become the captives of evil queen Adastrea (Velázquez), though they find an ally in her good twin sister Alburnia (Velázquez). Meanwhile, Wolf and Godoy's manager Taquito (Espinoza) have tracked the flying saucer to its destination, and after a messenger sent by Alburnia delivers a warning message, they get into Wolf's Spaceship and fly to Adastrea's planet. There, Wolf tries to romance Adastrea while she oversees an operation to abduct some schoolchildren in a flying saucer, but the humans are able to seize control of her deadly Ray and use it to foil the kidnapping, kill Adastrea's allies, and seize control of the planet. However, as the humans prepare to depart in Wolf's spaceship, a criminal who had allied himself with Adastrea tries to shoot Alburnia and accidentally kills both sisters.

Though filmed at the same time as Gigantos Planetarios, El Planeta de la Mujeres Invasoras is modelled not on Saturday-morning serials but on the sf films from the 1950s like Cat-Women of the Moon (1953; vt Rocket to the Moon) which featured inimical alien societies exclusively or primarily consisting of glamorous young women. While its predecessor featured a Planet of Eternal Night, this alien world is instead bedevilled by constant daylight, requiring people on the surface to wear special visors. There is a peculiar nastiness to these aliens' plans, as they seek to abduct human children in order to literally rip out their lungs (believing that these will be more efficacious than adult lungs), though they decline to operate on the one human child who was captured on their flying saucer, and they treat Wolf and their other human guests with incongruous politeness. Thus, like the aliens in another Mexican film, Conquistador de la Luna (1960; vt The Astronauts), they inexplicably alternate between threatening and friendly behavior, perhaps reflecting Mexico's perception of its domineering neighbour, the United States of America. [GW]


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