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de Gourmont, Remy

(1858-1915) French author, whose early work resembles that of Henri de Régnier, and in whose Une Nuite au Luxembourg (1906; trans Arthur Ransome as A Night in the Luxembourg 1912) a superior Alien, whose people occupy the Outer Planets, visits Earth briefly and engages in an illuminating conversation with some cultured humans. The Angels of Perversity (coll 1992 trans Brian Stableford as by Francis Amery) is a selection of de Gourmont's short fiction, which inclines to fin-de-siècle Decadence. [JC]

Remy de Gourmont

born Bazoches-au-Holme, Orne, France: 4 April 1858

died Paris: 27 September 1915



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