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Del Martia, Astron

A House Name invented by publisher Stephen Frances for his second publishing house, the self-named S D Frances, and used there by John Russell Fearn on The Trembling World (1949), in which relics of an ancient Alien civilization are found in a valley of stone statues in Brazil; it is the best of the Del Martia titles. The name was then sold on to Gaywood Press, which used it for three more tales: Dawn of Darkness (1951 chap), Space Pirates (1951) and Interstellar Espionage (1952). The latter story features a security officer called Dog who appears also in Spawn of Space (1951) by Franz Harkon, an unattributed pseudonym. A fifth Del Martia story was advertised but never published, although the name was revived by Frances in a reprint of his One Against Time (1954 as by Hank Janson; 1969 as by Del Martia). [SH/PN]

"Astron Del Martia"



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