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Harrington, Matthew Joseph

(1960-    ) Japanese-born author, in US from early childhood, who began to publish work of genre interest with "Teacher's Pet" and "War and Peace" (both in Man-Kzin Wars XI, anth 2007, ed Larry Niven, Harrington and others [see Checklist]), and who has published further tales set in the Man-Kzin universe. In his first novel, The Goliath Stone (2013) with Larry Niven, a medical doctor's Invention of a Nanotechnology designed to cure illnesses goes awry when the "nanites" turn out to be alive; the plot ramifies into a race to prevent a world-ending Disaster as a giant Asteroid approaches. [JC]

Matthew Joseph Harrington

born Yokosuka, Japan: 8 February 1960


works as editor


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