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Harris, Chuck

Working name of UK author, editor and fan Charles Harris (1927-1999), active throughout the 1950s, when he was a founding editor of Hyphen (which see) and among the founders of OMPA and the TransAtlantic Fan Fund (see Fan Funds). He began to publish fiction with the short-short "Absolutely No Deception" in Slant for Autumn 1950; his one professional sale was the Werewolf story "Omega" (April 1954 Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine). These tales are collected in the posthumous Creative Random Harris (coll 2021 ebook), along with a further short story and a great deal of Fanzine writing from both the 1950s and his period of renewed activity from 1984 until his death, mostly using the variant nickname Chuch Harris. (A further nom-de-fan was Charles Randolph Harris, with an invented middle name.) The later work consists mainly of entertainingly anecdote-crammed correspondence, much of which was rearranged by editors into such Fanzine columns as the 1986-1990 "Creative Random History" in the UK Pulp (19 issues 1986-1991). Late-period Harris fanzine-equivalents were Quinsy or Q (23 issues 1984-1989), assembled from his and others' letters with illustrations by his long-time friend Arthur Thomson, and the group letter or letter-substitute Charrisma (15 issues 1993-1995). [DRL]

Charles Richard William Harris

born London: 23 December 1927

died Daventry, Northamptonshire: 5 July 1999



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