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Mysor, Fernand

Pseudonym of French songwriter and author Fernand Fricou (1876-1931), who is of sf interest for La Ville assassinée (1925; trans Brian Stableford with other material as The Murdered City 2018), a tale that Equipoisally combines the story of the creation of a philosopher's stone with its use to create an Island Utopia boasting exceedingly high Technology. Unfortunately the Mad Scientist responsible, having proclaimed himself dictator, causes terminal chaos.

Conflicting information about Fricou remains available; in his introduction to the above volume, Brian Stableford makes it clear, however, that recent research has established the life statistics given below. [JC]

Léonce-Marie Fernand Fricou

born Espassel, Tarn-et-Garonne, France: 18 August 1876

died Paris: 2 August 1931

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