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Pelot, Pierre

Main pseudonym of French author Pierre Grosdemange (1945-    ), prolific from the 1960s under this and other names including Pierre Suragne and Pierre Carbonari; he was first known for westerns, in particular the Dylan Stark sequence [not listed below], though sf soon began to dominate his output; his first sf novel was La Septième Saison ["The Seventh Season"] (1972) as by Pierre Suragne in the publisher's Anticipation series. The tale marks from the first Pelot's often transgressive alertness to issues of late capitalism, Pollution, and increasingly Climate Change as a Disaster created by Homo sapiens. Out of perhaps 200 novels in all genres published until 2018, when he announced his retirement, only two have been translated into English: L'Enfant qui marchait sur le ciel (1972) and Mais si les papillons trichent (1974), both as by Pierre Suragne, appearing together as The Child Who Walked on the Sky / But What If Butterflies Cheat? (omni trans Michael Shreve 2012). The first is a Bildungsroman whose eight-year old protagonist embarks on a Fantastic Voyage through space from one world to another to gain some truth about himself; the second, very clearly written in homage to the work of Philip K Dick, depicts a Near Future America on Dystopian lines where Aliens are establishing, through conspicuously Dickian characters, some form of Communication.

Much of Pelot's additional work focused Satirically on the toxic complacencies of the governments of the world, though his knowledgeable trawls through the SF Megatext for structures to employ could conceal the underlying thrust of his mind at work. [JC]

Pierre Grosdemange

born Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, Vosges, France: 13 November 1945

works (selected)


Récits d'anticipation ["Tales of Anticipation"]

Récits fantastiques ["Fantastic Tales"]

Les Hommes sans futur ["Men Without a Future"]

Chromagnon Z

La Ballade Tony Burden ["The Ballad of Tony Burden"]

La Raconteurs de nulle part ["Storytellers from Nowhere"]

Konnar et compagnie ["Konnar and Company"]

individual titles


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