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Wildside Press

US Small Press founded in 1989 by John Gregory Betancourt and Kim Betancourt, initially located in New Jersey; subsequently Holicong, Pennsylvania, and then Rockville, Maryland; and since July 2015 Cabin John, Maryland.

Wildside Press has made very many out-of-print sf/fantasy classics and curiosities available in print-on-demand and more recently Ebook editions. The press owns the literary estates of Eando Binder, Reginald Bretnor, Lester del Rey, Richard Wilson and others, and manages the works of several more including John Betancourt himself, John W Campbell Jr, Lin Carter, Theodore R Cogswell, Frank Belknap Long and Robert F Young. The Cosmos Books imprint edited by Sean Wallace from 2001 to 2009 published new or newly collected fiction by Chris Beckett, John Russell Fearn, John Grant, Philip E High, David Langford and others, plus nonfiction by Michael Andre-Driussi and Alice K Turner, Paul Di Filippo, Langford again, and many more. In 1994 Wildside revived Borgo Press as a further nonfiction imprint under the direction of Borgo's founder Robert Reginald, continuing until Reginald's death in 2013.

SF Magazines published or co-published under the aegis of Wildside include H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror (2004-2009), Startling Stories (2021 revival), Strange Tales (2003-2007 revival) and Weird Tales (2003-current). Classic Pulp magazine reprints include selected issues of The Spider, Strange Tales and Thrill Book.

Wildside Press has trademarked its term Megapack® for often outsized collections or anthologies, generally in ebook form though with some also available in paperback. An example is The 18th Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapack: 10 classic stories by Jerome Bixby (coll 2015 ebook) by Jerome Bixby. The company continues to reissue older works, including non-fantastic fiction, at a considerable rate. [DRL]


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