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Zornado, J

(1964-    ) US academic and author whose Future History sequence, beginning with 2050 Volume One: Gods of Little Earth (2007; rev vt 2050: A Future History, Volume 1: Gods of Little Earth 2011), is set partly in the very Near Future and two millennia later, in what has become a virtual Ruined Earth as a consequence of a piling up of Disasters, including global warming (see Climate Change), Ecological degradation, Pollution and War. The plot is driven by the attempts of seemingly immortal survivors (see Immortality) of the near future world, whose Secret Master attempts to manipulate the desolation they have helped create give dramatic pointing to a tale with much on its mind. [JC]

Joseph L Zornado

born San Diego, California: 14 December 1964






Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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